Friday, July 24, 2009

Carly's Projects

Water Child is my pregnancy diary. You can visit it here. It is my hope that down the track it will be a companion for all those of the road to bringing a baby into this world healthy and alive after enduring the loss of a child.

If you are a newly bereaved ymy following projects may be of some help to you. Whispered Support (Below) Is full of useful information to guide you through this next road in your life.

To Write Their Names In The Sand is a place of remembrance. It is our hope that we can bring rays of hope and light back into bereaved families and friends lives. To watch the sunsets and be a witness to Christian's legacy please visit here

Whispered Support is a place for women and families to come to for gentle guidance surrounding the days of their baby's death. At Whispered Support we have a downloadable letter that we hope to get into as many doctors surgery's and hospitals as possible. Visit Sarah and Carly's mission here.