Friday, July 24, 2009


After coming up with the idea of starting a discussion spot on Love Reign Over Me, I had a vision. Bereaved parents from all over the world would come together at the end of each month. They would all have in common a great loss. A loss of life. They would all talk amongst themselves and not have to worry about what the rest of the world thought of them. It was a place just for bereaved parents to be themselves with out fear or worry. They would share their hearts and tears and they would welcome each new parent that would make their way down to the beach where they would watch the sun fall into the sea. As the sun would set over the horizon they would pause in silence to remember their beloved children.

What ever it is that you imagine our place to be like it will have the same meaning for all. A place for hope, healing, acceptance, support, and most importantly a place to be free and safe.

In the last week of each month we will post a few questions on here. If you would like to be a part of this support network you can copy and paste the questions to your own blog. Once you have answered them you can copy and paste the link from your blog in the link form at the bottom of the questions here for other parents to find you. Carly find that her work with the names site introduces her to so many newly bereaved women who have blogs with no readers and zero comments, which means no support. We want that to change.

We realize, that this community is full of men and women on the road of trying to conceive again and also women that are pregnant again. We understand that some parents have chosen that they will not have anymore children or can't. We will try to make the questions accommodate all who come to the beach.

Our prayer and hope is that this gathering grows stronger and more beautiful with each new parent that comes to join us to watch the sun set.

Whatever your personal beliefs are regarding whether or not God exists, one thing we all have in common is the ability to extend compassion to others and to feel gratitude, to be thankful for sharing in the miracle of life, to respect, if not to love, all fellow inhabitants of our Earth.