Monday, April 5, 2010

March Meeting

This month we want to share helpful links. After losing your child/ren what are some websites that have helped you? Where is your safe haven on the internet? How has it helped you? Please feel welcome to share as many links as you wish in a comment below.


The first place I think I ever found on the internet was The MISS Foundation. This place was incredible to me. I. Wasn't. Alone. And all those months I thought I was. I signed up to the MISS Foundation so that I could take part in their private forums. What a blessing they were to me. I have made some very close friends there.

Another site that I think is so fantastic is Lost and Found. If you are looking for others who are walking in your shoes whether its pregnancy after loss, infertility or just life after loss you can find these people in the Lost and Found blogroll. What an incredible place.

Sally and Sophie:

Glow in the Woods


belle said...

the first group site i found was the "dead baby club" which led me here (when it was the secret garden) and then i found the stirrup queen's blog roll..... these led me to the many mom's whose blogs i follow and i'm always finding new ones.

i also love "pray date" and i just found "butterfly mommies"! i'm not sure how to post links but every button that im able to locate i post to my own blog so that others can then find them if they haven't already.

thanks carly for providing a place where we can find each other and talk! you are a blessing

Jill said...

One of the first websites I came across was the national site for Share and the local chapter of Share where I live. These sites helped me out and the people at Share gave me wonderful support.

Another place that I found helpful was Whispered Support. It helped me to know what some things were I could do after we said goodbye to our babies.

Other websites I found that brought me comfort were Lisa Leonard Designs, My Forever Child, and My Very Own Angel. Creating personalized jewelry and wearing it everyday with my baby’s names means so much to me. I also have a t-shirt from My Very Own Angel and I treasure it.

A recent site that people may not know about is Child Loss Resources.

There are SO many wonderful sites being created since I have started blogging. I love that people want to help.

Lisa said...

Sadly, I'm not finding many moms like me or any sites that really speak to me or help me. I like coming here, but I don't feel like I fit in anywhere. Nothing personal - you ladies [and occasional gentlemen] are doing a great job and a wonderful thing for many people.

biojen said...

I second Glow in the Woods and Lost and Found.

Lisa - can I ask why you think you don't fit anywhere? I have "met" quite a few bloggers that have pretty unique circumstances, maybe I know someone that has walked in your shoes. I'd like to help if you want to share.

Carly Marie said...

Lisa, I highly recommend visiting The Miss Foundation. It is completely free to sign up and all the forums are secure. Everybody's circumstance is different. None of us are the same but we do share one thing in common. Grief. You don't need to have a blog to find support out there.

I am sorry you feel as though you do not fit in. That is the last thing you want in this community.

Sending you love and peace,


Thanks for offering your help Biojen x

Lisa said...

Thanks for your kind words, ladies.
I do have a blog - I've posted here before and this is my 3rd meeting. Sometimes Blogger doesn't like me and does funny things to my comments. Apologies for omitting my link earlier.

I'm in a bad spot in my head right now because I can't write about my reality at the House and it's building up. I work for the local school district and someone there did me the "favor" of sharing my blog with every employee in the district when Gabriel died. Of course, work is one of the places where I'm having the hardest time dealing with everything & everybody, so I really have to censor what I write on my blog. And that sucks, but the last thing we need now is for me to get Dooced. I shouldn't have to worry about doing the 'right' thing right now - I need to get rid of the pain and poison that I am being forced to keep inside. I'm at a point where I feel like nobody understands, nobody cares, and I'm in this alone. I know that's all part of what walking this path is about, but that doesn't make it any easier. I'm still standing, and that's all that matters right now.
Sorry for the x-long comment, but thanks for being here.

Carly Marie said...

Arrrrgh! I am sorry your work has a hold of your blog and you. That is really awful. I know that a few people in my life read my blog and that makes me feel uneasy.

I hope you feel a breakthrough from the alone feeling soon Lisa.

You are always welcome here.


biojen said...

Oh, Lisa, I'm sorry. That is terrible. Have you thought about making a new anonymous blog and only sharing it on support sites? Your co-workers would never have to know. You could taper off your old one or just say you don't have much to say anymore. Just an idea, I hope you find the support you need.

Lisa said...

Thanks Carly & biojen. :-)

One thing I have found to be helpful is to stay busy and, for lack of a better word, distracted. If you've visited the House, you'll see what I mean. I'm getting involved in a lot of things to celebrate Gabe's memory. It helps me feel a little better to be able to help someone else.

Lisa said...

I'd like to invite you to read this post at my friend Loraine's blog:

Carly Marie said...

Beautiful post Lisa. Raw, but beautiful x

pixie2183 said...

Since September I haven't actually found any place I feel comfortable I joined an online support group and ended up having to leave it due to high school like drama. Honestly the only thing I've found comfort in is this blog, I started following back when it was the secret garden & then the blog Caring for Carleigh.